Monday, June 25, 2012

Read This: The Naked Mom

In all of the free time I have been forced to have while confined to my home on bed rest I have found time to dedicate to one of my favorite past-times, reading. One book I had on my library request list was The Naked Mom, by Brooke Burke. As I have said before I feel that it is very important to read the advice and thoughts of other mothers to gain fresh perspective on this crazy adventure we call motherhood as well as to confirm that we are not alone in this journey, that other mothers feel the same way. I am about half way through this book and I am loving what Brooke has to say. I am currently in chapter 4, "Not Guilty" and I have to say it is amazing how true I find her words on guilt. For example I feel guilty that I am unable to run around and play with my energetic 3 1/2 year old and my sweet 17 month old, I even feel guilty that my pregnant belly is so large they can't fit in my lap right now which they both desperately try to do multiple times per day. Honestly though, what is this guilt doing other than making me feel miserable? Absolutely nothing. Feeling guilty is not necessary, I am taking care of myself and my growing child so that our family will have a healthy new member and a sane mommy. Brooke talks about advice she received from Florence Henderson on the set of DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) about one of the most important lessons she learned about motherhood was to "put yourself first." It's funny how we are convinced as mothers that we are at the bottom of the totem pole when if we can't take care of ourselves how can we possibly take care of our families.

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