Saturday, September 1, 2012

Read This: Family & Parenting

Keeping with my desire to take a more active parenting role and looking for suggestions in handling sibling rivalry, toddler tantrums and balancing it all with the demands of life I am currently reading The Happy Family by Linda & Richard Eyre and man do I love this book. Huge thank you to blog author Shawni of 71 Toes for speaking so highly of her parent's books. This book references A, B & C families- A families take a proactive approach to their parenting and are committed to keeping their families strong. B families care deeply about their children but tend to take a more reactive approach and C families are most likely to rely on outside sources, i.e. teachers, counselors, etc. to handle problem behavior. I see us as a B family currently- we care, we are looking to improve and strengthen our family but we are not in the habit of being proactive in all areas and we do place a large amount of focus on external forces such as career. I was reminded that in order to have peace at home we need to actively work on maintaining it.

On a related note I came across this website called The Happy Family Movement which is a wonderful resource. I just love their Manifesto below!

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