Friday, June 22, 2012

Create This: Keepsake Mosaics

ginger isla

When Ginger was just weeks old I brought her, her bouncy seat and Dean over to my husband's Aunt Betsy's house to learn to mosaic. We were also joined by my husband's Aunt Christine, a retired high school art teacher and insanely talented artist (see her Etsy shop here) who creates amazing mosaic works using glass, china and other items. Using a heart template that Betsy was kind enough to cut out for me, stained glass odds and ends that Christine brought, and a $2.00 plate from Marshall's I learned how to create my first mosaic, the sweet little heart above for Ginger's room. It took a little while to get the hang of wielding the tile snips and working out the placement and concept of my little piece of art but by the end of our afternoon together I was hooked. I created a star for Dean, an M for my niece McKenna, a christmas gift for my mother-in-law, flower pots, and hearts for friends with baby girls. I have just finished the design and gluing stage of Miss Lily's heart (see below) and am getting started on a teal & purple heart for my dear friend Angie's 2 week old daughter Violet. I have yet to learn how to knit or quilt (2 creative pursuits high on my list) however in the meantime I can create something with my own two hands for my children and those that I love that they can hold on to for many years to come and that is very important to me.

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