Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lillian's Sunshine Themed 1st Birthday

I love parties. Big, small, epic, quiet - it doesn't really matter what the occasion is or how big the celebration is. Since having children I love parties even more. From conception: Searching the Internet for inspiration, creating Pinterest boards, selecting a theme and color scheme, making lists, buying scrapbook paper & ribbon for the Happy Birthday Banners, Cake toppers, etc. and buying the perfect ingredients. I love the planning, the design, the hands on excuse to stay up until 1am cutting out sunshine shapes from recycled file folders discarded at work and baking the perfect cupcakes. Maybe one day I will have the privilege to turn this passion into a career and not just a wonderful and meaningful escape but for now I look forward to my three children's birthdays and all holidays. I like to think that some day when my children are older they will cherish and appreciate the care I take to celebrate their special days and the keepsakes I retain in their individual containers.

For my youngest daughter's first birthday we had a Sunshine Themed Birthday party - I found it very ironic that in Phoenix in July on the day I held a Sunshine Birthday Party - it poured rain all day. At least my plants appreciated the much needed moisture! We had a plenty sunshiny atmosphere indoors during our celebration and I know my little guest of honor couldn't have cared what the weather was doing outside.

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