Thursday, March 31, 2011

Read This: Matchbook Magazine

The creators of Matchbook Magazine, Jane Lilly Warren & Katie Armour

a page from matchbook magazine
So, i am a huge design blog stalker (i admit it and that is the first step) and one of my very favorites is everything she posts and all of the design projects she has her hands on, not to mention appearing on my very favorite hgtv design show, secrets from a stylist with the wildly talented Emily Henderson, is magic. (wow is that a run on non-sensical tangent of a sentence or what). "On my daily mind break from corporate drone status I paid a visit to the oh joy blog and followed a link to and let me tell you just a little click of the mouse made my day, strike that, made my week and now I have this fabulous online magazine to read at my leisure anywhere there is an internet connection (the best part about an online magazine is I don't have to hide it from my two year old and his crayons- I should never have read him harold and the purple crayon) and, the best part, at 9:30pm on March 31st i was able to dig into the april issue, which is only their 3rd publication so far, so now one little click of the mouse is making my month. I highly/strongly/enticingly suggest that anyone who might read this little blog pay a visit to this site, like now. field guide to a charmed life indeed.

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